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Oshiete yaru yo!

Mukahi Gakuto
12 September
向日岳人 Mukahi Gakuto
Birthday: Sept. 12
Height: 162
Weight: 50kg
Major: Chemistry
Clubs: Gymnastics
Hobbies: Tennis, acrobatics, dancing
Other: Lefty

((This is a roleplaying journal for pot_university. Mukahi Gakuto is a fictional character to which I claim no rights.))

Since middle school...

Gakuto suddenly quit the tennis team a year into high school. As a boy determined to be the best in something, he understood that tennis would never lead him there. If he did want to be great, it would mean sacrificing his showy playstyle, which was his whole reason for playing tennis.

So he dropped the team and picked up gymnastics, dropping contacts with his old team as well in favor of casual relationships and sometimes less-than-savory crowds. Because of this, his attitude never matured much, still leaving him with extremes in emotion and quick to anger. He's blunt and honest to a fault, often saying things without regards to how they'll be received, and likes provoking people. His self-esteem is loud but shaky, often proclaiming to be the best at things and setting himself above others to make him feel better about himself.

Fortunately for his acrobatics and unfortunately for his pride, Gakuto never hit much of a growth spurt, maintaining his petite figure into adulthood.


Gakuto's discovered quite a love for 'blowing shit up'. He's planning on going into pyrotechnics and has probably too much fun playing with flash powder, black powder, and making his own fireworks. His dream is to put on a fireworks show someday to top them all! So he'll use events at school and holidays as chances to test his firework making and firing skills. On weekends if he's not out clubbing and drinking and sleeping with friends and strangers alike he may be planning pranks with explosions or setting off his fireworks to test them. He's been at Hajime for a couple of years already and has fun 'talking shop' with Eijiro-sensei of the science department. (AKA: discussing what to blow up next)

Other than his chemistry and explosions, Gakuto is also in the Gymnastics club and considered trying for captain, but figures he has more fun things he could be doing.